Sunflowers delivery in the Philippines

Posted by Flower Delivery Philippines on 25th Sep 2017

Sunflowers delivery in the Philippines

Clear blue skies, green grass, fresh wind blowing through your hair.... oh what a cheerful sunny day it is! 

Sunflowers are known to evoke these emotions, that is why they are the best present to give to family and friends who are feeling a bit under the weather. The sunflowers' bright and cheerful yellow petals are inviting and can lift any mood.

Sunflowers: artists' inspiration

Sunflowers are recognised worldwide for its vibrance and captivating beauty that even Van Gogh created a series of sunflower paintings. You may see them some day at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.

Organically grown sunflowers in the Philippines

The way it follows and turns its heads towards the movement of the sun across the sky is truly a one-of-a-kind nature's wonder. Organically grown, Flower delivery Philippines' sunflowers are harvested from the mountains of Baguio and delivered to your loved ones' doorstep as quick as you will feel the freshness of the fields they were picked from.

Meaning of sunflowers

Symbolizing faith, loyalty and adoration, sunflowers have a rich history and importance. Their uniqueness spans from their ability to provide nourishment through its seed and oil, and its splendour beauty mirroring the sun's energy with its sun-like appearance.

Sunflowers are known to be the most cheerful and happy flowers that will give joy to you or to your loved ones. Reflect the sun's positivity and send some happiness to your loved one today!

Choose your sunflower bouquet

How many sunflowers would you like to have in your bouquet? 

You are lucky because Flower Delivery Philippines' online store allows you to customise your bouquet from one to twenty four pieces. You may prefer to have a mixed bouquet with other flowers like roses, tulips or mums. That is also possible, as well adding Ferrero chocolates, a cake or a teddy bear to your sunflower bouquet. Have a look also at our boxed sunflowers and sunflower basket. Whatever your preference is, we have something for you. 

Try our flower delivery service today and get the best quality and value!

Sunflowers delivery in the Philippines with free delivery in Metro Manila

Flower Delivery Philippines offers you gorgeous sunflower bouquets at the best price with the convenience of a same day delivery in all Greater Metro Manila areas including Rizal, Bulacan and Cavite. 

What's more if your special someone is located within Metro Manila (Manila, Quezon City, Pateros, Caloocan, Las Piñas, Makati, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Navotas, Parañaque, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Taguig and Valenzuela) the delivery will be free of charge.

What are you waiting for? 

Order at our online store www.FlowerDeliveryPhilippines.Net and send your loved ones a fresh bouquet of sunflowers today.

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