Baby's Breath  Gypsophila Flower  Million Star


Baby's Breath Flowers Delivery in the Philippines

They’re a common feature in flower shops. In fact, for many people, a floral arrangement wouldn’t be considered complete without a sprig or two of baby’s breath. These small, simple and delicate flowers are also a common feature at weddings.

We don’t believe that any flower should remain in the background forever. Our baby breath bouquet brings these little flowers to the forefront in stunning floral arrangements. Shop our collection and take full advantage of the charm and beauty that these flowers bring. 

Simple flower with complex symbolism 

Baby breath is a simple yet beautiful flower. These flowers, though simple in appearance, have a deep and complex meaning. A baby’s breath wedding bouquet is a great way to express purity as well as deep devotion to the love of your life. These flowers are often used in religious ceremonies as they represent innocence and dedication to love. 

The flowers also represent everlasting love. This can be romantic, platonic or filial love. Many people use the flowers in newborn shoots as they are representative of new beginnings. A baby breath flower bouquet is the prefect bouquet to gift a family member or friend that you have had a disagreement with and would like to reconcile with. 

Shop our collection now to find the bouquet that best meets your preferences. Our collection features flowers in a variety of shades. Buy a white baby’s breath bridal bouquet to symbolize love, softness, sincerity, a new beginning and purity. Go with a pink bouquet if you would prefer to express femininity or romantic feelings. A bouquet of blue flowers is perfect for expressing faith, loyalty, trust and confidence. 

Baby’s breath flowers are a great gift item for any gender or age. They are also great for any occasion. Browse our selection to find a bouquet that suits your needs. 

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