Sympathy Funeral Flower Delivery in Manila and the Philippines

Words are often not enough to express our sympathy and sorrow. In times of bereavement, the gestures we make speak volumes in offering our loved ones support. Funeral flowers are a great way to express your condolences and show your loved one how much you care for them. 

Why flowers? 

Funerals are emotional times. It can be difficult to find the words to say to your bereaved loved one. There are often no words that can express the sorrow or help to ease their burden. Condolence flowers offer you the opportunity to express your feelings without having to say anything. A carefully selected bouquet will say much more than you can ever put in words. 

Flowers are also a great way to honor those that have gone before us. You can use funeral flower arrangements to reflect their personality or as a symbol of acceptance and to wish them well in the afterlife. 

Choosing flowers for burial 

Whether you’re choosing flowers for your loved one’s funeral or to send as sympathy flowers to a bereaved loved one, it is important to take the time to choose the right flowers for the occasion. Many people choose flowers that have symbolic meanings attached to funerals. White lilies, for example, are symbolic of the souls of those that have departed. They are also symbolic of the hope of renewal in life after death. 

Carnations are also a popular choice for funerals. These flowers are not only pleasant and fragrant but also last for long making them perfect for laying on the grave or for services that will last for several days. Pink carnations are ideal for funerals as they are symbolic of remembrance. White carnations are symbolic of innocence and purity. A combination of the carnations are ideal for expressing your feelings more fully. 

Browse our collection of funeral flowers arrangements and choose the floral arrangement that suits your needs and preferences. 

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