Carnation Flowers Delivery in the Philippines

The origin of their name is unclear. Some think that they are named after ceremonial crowns that the ancient Greek emperors wore. This is because the carnation head and petals look like a crown. Others believe they are named for their pink color that comes from the word carnis,which is Latin for pink. Wherever carnations flowers get their name, there’s no doubt that these beautiful flowers make a wonderful gift. 

A fascinating flower 

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one, you should gift them a carnation flower bouquet. Carnations are flowers with a long and fascinating history. These flowers have been used as symbol of love and devotion for years. However, over the centuries, their symbolism has taken on more meaning. 

In the Victorian era, receiving a carnation would mean that you had a secret admirer. It often marked the beginning of a passionate love story. Carnations today continue to be a symbol of love, with red carnations being a symbol of romantic love. A carnation bouquet delivery would be a great way to show love and devotion for a loved one such as your mother on Mother’s Day. 

Our carnations bouquet collection features carnations in a wide variety of shades. Gift that special someone a bouquet of red carnations to show your admiration. Purple carnations are great for celebrating an achievement while pink carnations are the best way to say thank you. White carnations are the perfect gift to celebrate a special friendship. 

These flowers offer much more than a pleasing aesthetic. They also feature a warm and sweet scent that will make your home feel more inviting. These long-lasting flowers will offer their beauty and fragrance to your space for several days. They are a great investment to remind your loved one of your love, devotion and appreciation. Start shopping now to find the perfect bouquet for your needs.  

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