Send Your Apologies with Flowers

Saying sorry isn’t easy. However, apologizing for mistakes we’ve made can help to save important relationships. An apology will help to reduce tension, ease stress and help get your relationship back on track. 

Shop our selection of apology flowers and gifts and discover a wide range of floral arrangements and gifts that will help you smooth over damage that you may have caused to a relationship. 

Why flowers 

Sometimes saying "sorry" isn’t enough or may be too difficult. Sometimes it’s best to show just how sorry you are. Sending an apology flower bouquet and gift is a great way to start the journey towards healing a broken relationship. Flowers are loved by everyone. Your loved one will be sure to appreciate this gesture. 

Flowers are also a great option as they can be used to convey different emotions. You can use different flower types or colors to express your emotions and touch your loved one’s heart. 

Choosing flowers to say "I'm sorry"

Are you shopping for flowers for an apology? Our apology gift collection features a wide range of floral arrangements that are specially designed to help smooth over damage. Yellow roses are one of the most popular options when saying sorry. These flowers symbolize friendship. They are also a symbol of reconciliation. They are perfect for expressing your heartfelt apology and desire to repair the damage to a precious relationship. 

White tulips are another great choice. These cheerful and elegant flowers are great for saying sorry and showing how sincere you are about making amends. Lilies are a great option for clearing up misunderstandings caused by miscommunication. Ivy is a great option to show your affection and care. They also show your willingness to work to repair the relationship. 

Shop our selection of sorry flowers and gifts to find the best gift for your apology. 

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