Potted XL Premium Phalaenopsis Orchids

Orchids are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating flowers. These beautiful flowers are highly coveted for their exotic and delicate beauty. The orchid plant is luxurious, graceful and strong. They make the perfect gift for anyone of any age or gender. 

A flower with ancient roots 

Orchids have been loved through the centuries for their beauty and grace. These flowers were held in high regard by the ancient Greeks who associated these flowers with virility. Pregnant Greek women in ancient societies would offer orchid tubers to the fathers of their unborn children to ensure that they would give birth to a boy. 

The Aztecs were known to mix the vanilla orchid with chocolate. This resulted in an elixir that was believed to provide great power and strength to whoever drank it. 

Orchids in the Victorian age were considered a symbol of luxury. They were considered exotic and were associated with those with refined taste. In China, these flowers have been considered a symbol of friendship, elegance and integrity from ancient times. 

A potted orchid is the perfect way to add a touch of history and luxury to your home or office. Shop our wilde selection of potted orchids now. 

Colors for different occasions 

Shop our orchids bouquet collection to discover orchids in a wide variety of shades. Our orchids are perfect for expressing different emotions and for different occasions. Gift your best friend white orchids to celebrate her femininity and grace as well as your strong friendship. Take advantage of our orchid flower delivery service to surprise that special someone with a violet orchid to show them how passionate you are about them. Orchids are a great choice to celebrate a graduation or other accomplishment as well.

Shop our selection of orchids today. We offer orchids delivery services throughout the Philippines with same day delivery in all Metro Manila areas.

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