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Posted by Flower Delivery Philippines on 21st Nov 2018

Preserved Roses Manila | Flowers Delivery Philippines

Preserved Roses Manila

We count with the widest selection of preserved Ecuadorian roses which are the best quality on the market. Now in Manila available for delivery in the whole Philippines!

The exclusive packages we offer will remind you of the iconic aristocratic flowers. You can choose between our unique sugar bowl, the classical dome or a leatherette box. Choose your favourite way to present these special flowers.

While giving flowers might seem as a simple gesture, giving preserved roses can transform the moment into something unforgettable. Giving this gentle flower as a gift will certainly be flattering, and kindle the feeling of being privileged. It symbolises eternal beauty, protected by the safe and yet delicate glass dome. Even more important, these roses will maintain their charm for real.

We all certainly saw preserved roses in the popular romantic movie the Beauty and the Beast. It is indeed no casualty that we all remember this detail. Its remembrance is within us for its originality. As a consequence, everyone has a vivid memory of this special noble item and associates this iconic rose to an emotion of love.

Preserved Roses Delivery Philippines


There are many reasons for giving a preserved rose. Giving a single rose has deep meanings. Love and devotions are the most relevant ones, the only feelings that truly matter in a relationship.

It would make the most romantic anniversary gift, especially if you have been together for many years. It could be the perfect time to renew the sensations of when your relationship began. The person you love with will appreciate this extraordinary present.

Valentine's Day is another great opportunity to show how much you care for your relationship. The tradition of this festivity comes from ancient times and it's still in use. St. Valentine is worldwide celebrated on February 14th. So every year, in this special month, the lucky ones aim to impress their loved companion for life.

If you are looking for a birthday gift for your girlfriend or wife, you might be at the end of your search. The Birthday of your lady is definitely a good moment for you to give her a preserved rose. It's an extraordinary gift that tells how much you love her.


Besides its promise of never ending love, preserved roses are an exclusive ornamental choice. While carrying within their indisputably beauty, they are also an adorning accessory for the environment. Gifting someone with preserved roses is an high note of your refined taste. The fact that these roses never change, makes them the most elegant token of love. You will never have to worry of the preserved roses losing their beautiful petals.

Another good reason for giving preserved rose, is their easy mobility. Despite their delicate appearance, they are easy to handle. The lucky person that you are going to gift will eventually choose to place your preserved roses in its office. In this way you will certainly relief the intense days at work of your special one. It would definitely make a gorgeous decoration for your companion's desk at work.

Due to their universally recognised beauty, you can place a preserved rose everywhere. As a decoration in your living room, or maybe as a center table.


As it's well known, the colours of the roses have their meanings. When these gorgeous flowers are given to someone, they also tell a story. They tell the past of the person who gives it and the present of the person who receive it.

Red roses are a true icon, when we see a red rose we instantly think of love. It's unequivocal: they evoke passion, devotion and admiration.

As a color, the white itself evokes purity. Gifting someone with a beautiful white rose communicate innocence and spiritual connection. It's believed that at the beginning, the symbol of love was the white rose, and all its ancient connotations now belong to the red roses.

Orange roses remind the colours of the sunset. This flower has a modern look, it definitely enlighten the environment with its energy. It's believed that this color means something between love and friendship; maybe it's a good auspice of a friendship turning into a romance soon.

pink rose is the most gentle flower that the Earth could provide us with. Its delicate color would be associated with graceful features of character. Admirations and joy are the most significant feeling expressed with a pink rose.

Finally the most modern version of this flower: blue roses. This unique nuance has a specific interpretation: it means trust and affection. In literature, blue roses are a representation of immortality and prosperity.

The universal meaning of roses, the one that is the same for all their colours, is love. Many kind of love, the ones that you feel for a friend or for a family member, but in the end, regardless of the color, you will choose to express love.

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