Phalaenopsis orchids delivery in the Philippines

Posted by Flower Delivery Philippines on 1st Mar 2022

Phalaenopsis orchids delivery in the Philippines

Are you thinking of sending orchids to your loved ones? 

That's an awesome idea!

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most common types of orchids. They are commonly available in Asia in countries like India, China, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. Additionally, different online stores in the Philippines offer free same day orchid delivery.

Additionally, the Phalaenopsis orchids are available in various attractive colors such as salmon oranges, pink, vibrant red, back, purple, and white. 

Why should you choose the phalaenopsis orchid plant as a gift? Actually, you should choose Phalaenopsis orchids because they are available in different colors, and each color reflects its own emotion and has a powerful meaning. Another reason for choosing phalaenopsis orchid is that it is a suitable gift for different occasions. You can purchase and deliver orchids to your loved ones according to the situation. For example, if you want to wish a happy birthday, you should send vibrant red or purple. On the other hand, if your loved one lost someone dear or a family member, you should send white orchids for condolences. According to medical experts, white Phalaenopsis orchids act as stress relievers, so sending white flowers in sad moments is best.

6 Situations when you can send Phalaenopsis orchid plant as a gift

Orchids are the best gift, but it becomes more like a necessity than just a good gift in some situations. Here are some cases where orchids make a suitable gift:

1. When someone close to you experiences loss

When someone you love so much suffers from a hard time, and you don't know how to console them. If you are away from them, then it becomes even more difficult to share their grief. So, in this case, sending an orchid is better than a bouquet of roses because it lasts longer. Don't worry if you are away from them. You can send orchids by purchasing online, and get them delivered within 24 hours. Additionally, in this hard time, that person will feel better after receiving them because orchids have a calming effect, which helps to lower stress and anxiety.

2. Send Phalaenopsis as a special birthday gift

Need a last-minute birthday gift? If yes, then you can send a wonderful potted Phalaenopsis as a gift to wish a happy birthday. We offer free same day delivery for orders within Metro Manila so you can send them orchids to make them feel more special quickly and at no extra fee for the delivery. This can make them feel more appreciated and loved, and their big day will become more memorable.

3. When you want to say thank you to someone

Do you want to say thank you to someone? If you are not sure about how to say thank you, then no need to worry, you can say a thank you by sending an orchid as gesture of goodwill, and these Phalaenopsis orchids will give them positive vibes. One more thing is to choose soft colors like white Phalaenopsis orchids for this occasion. You can purchase phalaenopsis orchids from us online.

4. When you want to congratulate someone

Congratulating someone on their success is a positive gesture. So if you want to congratulate someone on any occasion like graduation, promotion, or getting admission to their dream college, then you can do it by sending an orchid. This will let them know how happy you are about their success.

5. When you want to surprise someone

You can give a surprise to your loved ones by delivering an orchid to their door step. Moreover, it is especially good if you have a long-distance relationship. You can surprise a friend with an orchid if he is going through difficult times as well. 

6. You can send Phalaenopsis as a wedding gift

Are you going to attend a wedding ceremony and not sure about which gift would be best for the couple? Let me tell you; Phalaenopsis orchids would be a great gift for the couple because orchids are a sign of peace, and it will make a lovely addition to their home.

Additionally, if you cannot attend your friend weeding, you can buy Phalaenopsis orchids from our website online and we will deliver orchids at their place to show your love.

Ideas for an orchid as a gift

Orchids are more long-lasting than other flowers, so they are considered best for a sympathy gift. If your friends are in mourning or are already going through so much, give them a low-maintenance plant they can treasure when they sit alone.

● Potted orchids and Roses

One of our bestselling packages includes roses, chocolates and a Phalaenopsis orchid. This is a great idea if you want to include a classic bouquet of roses with your plant gift as well chocolates. You got the passion of red roses, a long lasting impression of a plant that will remain for months and you can satisfy the sweet tooth of your loved ones as well.

● Orchids bouquet

These are unique imported fresh cut orchids from Thailand, a great gift idea if you prefer a bouquet than a potted plant.

● Premium Phalaenopsis orchids

If you are sending phalaenopsis orchids to your friend, then choose from our site, we got the most premium orchids because these are extra large, long-lasting and come from the best growers. Give an elegant look to any home with our high quality potted orchids.


No doubt orchids are a beautiful gift to send, and especially Phalaenopsis orchids are best because Phalaenopsis have a huge variety. You can send these orchids on different occasions such as birthdays, wedding gifts, sympathy, etc. The best thing about Phalaenopsis orchids is that you can purchase these online, and the store can deliver orchids on the same day with no delivery cost.

If you want to send orchid plant to your friends or family click here.

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