How to take care of orchids in 2023

Posted by on 6th Jan 2023

How to take care of orchids in 2023

How to take care of phalaenopsis orchids? Are you thinking of having an orchid flower plant at your home but worried about its care? If yes, don’t stress. Although phalaenopsis orchids have a difficult name, they are quite easy to take care of! They will blossom for up to 6 months by just keeping a few simple rules in mind.

As you know, phalaenopsis orchids are commonly used in offices and homes for decorative purposes. It has long stems and dainty wing-like flowers. They are very long-lasting; thus, they are quite popular. If you want flowers that lasts a long time, then you should go for the phalaenopsis orchid. It require minimal maintenance and effort, that's why it is the favorite plant of most florists. Most people choose phalaenopsis orchids to give to their loved ones since it has a very elegant and sophisticated look

If you own orchid plants and are worried about how to take care of orchid plants, then this blog is helpful for you because we have some tips to take care of phalaenopsis orchid plants easily.

If you are overwatering your phalaenopsis orchids, stop immediately. Overwatering is not good for phalaenopsis orchids. They can’t bear it. In addition, orchid roots want to dry out before watering them.

If you continuously water them, they will begin to rot. How will you know if the orchid needs watering or not? You just feel the pot and see if it's dry or not. If it's wet, there is no need to water it. You can also check it by lifting it up. If it's dry, it will feel light. If it's moist, it will seem heavy. Mostly there is a need to water it only once a week.

  • Keep the crown dry

If you are watering your orchid plants, keep the crown dry. Because keeping the orchid moistens the plant's crown from where the new leaves sprinkles can also rot.

You should water your orchid carefully and don’t overwater it.

  • Keep them warm but away from sunlight.

Phalaenopsis orchids love warm temperatures ranging between 24°C to 29°C, but these are indoor plants. So, if you are willing to keep your home warm, then you must keep the orchid in it. But you should remember that direct sunlight is not good for these plants. But we have seen many people put them in direct sunlight, and it damages their orchid plants in one or two days.

  • Keep them moist

Although over-watering is not good, a humid atmosphere suits these plants the most. This will keep them moist without being too wet. You are keeping your orchid plant indoors; You should not keep them in direct AC because it makes them dry. Keep the pot on a tray of pebbles and fill the tray with water. Thus, the roots will not sit in water. They require a humid atmosphere. You should mist the pot on hot, and dry days.

  • Feed well

If you want to keep your plant healthy and want to get beautiful flowers, then you should feed them with fertilizer. Supplement your orchids with high-potassium liquid orchid food.

Additionally, you should use the fertilizer after every two weeks or as per instructions on the brand that you use. It will keep the phalaenopsis orchid plant healthy.

  • Keep bugs away

Unlucky bugs love to prey on the phalaenopsis orchid. Mealy bugs are a common pest found anywhere. If you want to keep them away from your phalaenopsis orchid, then you will have to spray neem oil, white or eco oil on both sides of the leaves if suffering from infestation. It will keep the bugs away, and keep your plant safe.

  • Do proper trimming

Trimming the flowers and plants is important because it help your plant look tidy. However, according to experts, you should not remove the roots as they can harm your plant or can activate the dangerous virus.

Trim the leaves in case they have dried or become dead. But you should carefully trim them as they can be too deep and can harm the plant.

  • Repot plant carefully

Experts recommend repotting the plant every one to two years. And if you see the roots of your plant outgrown its pot, then it indicates your pot is small and should be repotted. Likewise, if your pot is not draining properly, then you should report it too.

You must be cautious while repotting the plant. The new pot must contain drainage holes.


As you know, taking care of flowering plants is not easy at all because these are sensitive and need extra care. The same is the case of phalaenopsis orchids; if you have phalaenopsis orchids at home, you need proper time to take care of your orchid plant. You should place the pot of your phalaenopsis orchid plant in the proper place and keep them away from direct sunlight because ultraviolet rays can damage the leaves of your orchids. Keep them hydrated and moist but do not do over-watering. Additionally, if you want to do trimming, do it carefully, and it is important to keep the Pests and bugs away from your orchid plant. So if you are a phalaenopsis orchid lover, and have it in your house, take care of it if you want to get amazing and fresh orchid flowers.

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