Flower delivery in the Philippines

Posted by Flower Delivery Philippines on 25th May 2017

Flower delivery in the Philippines

Flowers are making a big role in surprising and making people feel special. If you want to give your loved ones or your partner an unforgettable sweet surprise, then you can never go wrong with Flower Delivery Philippines.

There are many flower delivery service in the Philippines but Flower Delivery Philippines, located in Manila, offers the widest selection of gift products from classic to unique bouquet designs to teddy bearsFerrero bouquets, and chocolates that will guarantee smiles from your partner, family and friends. Our diverse arrangements and gift products will fit any taste wherever your loved ones may be.

Our delivery service covers from Metro Manila to all parts of the Philippines. What seems impossible before is now just a click away! FlowerDeliveryPhilippines.Net´s responsive website loads fast and makes it easy for anyone to surprise someone in the Philippines.

Why give flowers?

Flowers are what comes first to mind when thinking of the best gift idea on special occasions. Flowers used to be significant only to women especially when given by men. But as we progress, flower shops like Flower Delivery Philippines have found creative ways aside from flower bouquets, to make non-gender specific arrangements and gifts that can be appreciated by your friends, family and loved ones. Potted Sunflower delivered to your friend´s office? How about an orchid? Great idea!

The meaning behind every flower

Aside from its beauty, what makes flowers more special and appealing is the significance it possess. Feelings that cant be expressed with words can be expressed with flowers. Here is comes our best seller flowers and its meanings:


Roses are the classic and the most popular flower to gift. Red rose symbolizes love and passion and is often given to a partner. White roses symbolize innocence, respect, purity, reverence and humility, while Pink symbolizes appreciation, gentleness and admiration.


Sunflower symbolizes happiness. Sunflowers are known to follow and face the sun rays. Sunflowers evoke a feeling of happiness that will surely brighten any gloomy day. Like sunflowers, face always the sun! Be positive, send her some optimism and joy!


The primary meaning of tulips is love. However, each color has different meaning just like roses. Red tulips are mostly associated with love. The meaning of yellow tulips express cheerful thoughts and joy, violet tulips have a relation with royalty and white tulips may convey a message of forgiveness. Not sure what color to go for? Let us suggest a bouquet of assorted tulip.


The chrysanthemum is given by a person when it wants to convey long life and bliss. This is not only a cure for some illness but it indicates that long life and happiness is wished.


Orchids are elegant well-refined flowers. Often used in classy interiors, these flower symbolizes exquisiteness. When a person gives orchids, it only means that the receiver holds a special place in the heart.

If you want to give the best bouquet of flowers to your partner and family and would want to deliver in all parts of Manila and Philippines, Flower Delivery Philippines can make it come true.

Why Flower Delivery Philippines?

Flower Delivery Philippines is a shop where you can request for flower deliveries in all points of the country including Manila. Our shop does not only offer flowers arranged in bouquets but also creates meaningful and creative bouquets with chocolates, stuffed toys, fruit basketscustomized t-shirts, and other treats that you can give to the people who are close to your heart.

Our portfolio of flowers includes roses, tulips, sunflowers, mums, daisiescarnationslilies and orchids just to mention some.

Flower Delivery Philippines offers a wide range of flowers and other romantic gifts like boxed flowerschocolate bouquetsgiant teddy bears, exquisite flowers, and more which will put your family, friends, and partner in cloud nine. Flower delivery Philippines will help you find the best and unique gift and flower ideas that will surely make the receiver’s heart pound.

If you want to give the finest bouquet of flowers or gifts to the person you treasure the most, Flower Delivery Philippines will help you make it happen.

What’s more, we are fast and convenient. Order now and take advantage of our free same day delivery in all Metro Manila areas (NCR).

Visit www.FlowerDeliveryPhilippines.Net for more details or contact us at +63 977 329 5031 or email us at

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