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Posted by Flower Delivery Philippines on 8th Nov 2018

Ecuadorian Roses Manila | Flowers Delivery Philippines

Ecuadorian Roses Manila

Ecuadorian roses carry their inner elegance as a flower within them, and a high quality of this kind. We are very proud to be able to offer a wide range of luxury roses to our clients. The Ecuadorian roses are the biggest in the world. A meticulous care in the cultivation process has an excellent floral quality as a result. We are also thrilled to explain in depth all the features that make roses so different from all the others. Everybody simply loves them; their beauty is recognised worldwide. But what is it that makes this flower so special?


This spectacular flower comes to us from ancient times. Recent studies on fossils reveal that this magnificent specie has survived over 35 million years. The first illustrations that the human history has of roses, comes from the ancient Romans and Greeks. Even at those times, the roses represented love. Chloris, from the ancient Greek's mythology, is the goddess who had created roses. The myth of Rose Creation tells that Chloris found the body of a nymph and turned it into a beautiful rose. Also, the goddess of love Aphrodite was represented with a rose in the ancient iconography.

Later in history, during the European Medieval period, roses would be widely used for the same symbol. Then it's no surprise that this beautiful icon resisted until the modern times: its traditional' visual and meaningful connotation won't be disappearing anytime soon.

Boxed Ecuadorian Roses Manila


Due to its role as an icon, which goes way back in history, a rose is the absolute symbol of love. Words are a surplus when you are gifting someone with a rose. In modern times, a rose also means promise, hope and devotion. To the english poet Shakespeare, a rose symbolise eternal beauty.


Giving roses is an act that already speaks by itself. But we might want to be a little bit more specific about their exact meaning. The number of roses you choose to put in your bouquet can communicate something different, let's find out more about it.

One rose, a single steam without thorns is a message of true love. If you want to express absolute love and devotion, you definitely want to give a 12 red roses bouquet. It unequivocally say "I love you". The message behind 13 roses is still uncertain. Someone believe they mean friendship, while others say that they you might have a secret admirer. 18 Roses mean truth and candor, while a bouquet of 24 roses specifically means that you are constantly thinking of that person.

You also have the chance to surprise your special one with a wonderful 50 roses bouquet, which means unconditional love. If you are seriously willing to impress the person you love, you can choose our 100 roses bouquet. Besides its massive presence, it has a huge worth in terms of significance. It means devotion, the love that will last forever and will never fade. The number of roses has a meaning, but their profound essence will be universally perceived as an act of love.

Ecuadorian Roses Bouquet Manila


We would love to fill you with the details of the meaning of the colours of roses. This is the best way for you to choose the perfect rose for your occasion.

Red rose, is for a fulfilled romance. It means love, worldwide. For this reason it's the ideal gift for Valentine's day and for anniversaries. It could mean that someone is falling in love, or it's the renewal of a promise of eternal love.

White means pureness and spirituality. It's not unusual to see brides carrying a white roses bouquet on their special day, because it represents new beginnings. They might as well be a connotation of a pure union of the bride and the groom. An interesting fact: a white rose meant true love, but in time, this role has passed to the red rose.

Yellow roses might be given as a sign of friendship. Their bright color will definitely cheer up the other person, while they are the perfect gift perfect to congratulate or thank someone.

A Blue rose doesn't exist in nature; it must be artificially pigmented to reproduce this gorgeous color. It has something mysterious and intriguing, most probably like the person who is going to receive it. This nuance means admiration, since this version is so rare to find.

Pink roses suggest itself pureness and softness as a color. A pink rose evokes pure love and feelings of tenderness. It means appreciation and gratitude.

Orange roses are something between friendship and love. This color comes from the mix of yellow and red, which in this symbolism represent friendship and love.

Purple roses are generally perceived as charming and profound. A stunning purple rose will enchant every woman. It means love at first sight, the magical feeling for the luckiest ones.


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