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Posted by Flower Delivery Philippines on 22nd Oct 2018

Boxed Flowers Manila | Flowers Delivery Philippines

Boxed Flowers Manila

Flowers are a bliss for any occasion, they have the power to make everyone smile. There isn't always a specific reason for giving flowers, they are the kind of present that is never outdated. It's a simple and yet very powerful gesture that will certainly bring joy. A package is a sumptuous way to present flowers while being original, it will definitely make an impression. These boxes are a spectacular way to show your affection, and most importantly, you can truly send any message you want.

The shapes of the boxes and the flowers they contain are absolutely fabulous and fullfil every expectation. It's also a distinguishing way to give flowers, it's a different option that makes your gift unique. Choosing the right flowers can change the day of the other person. You don't necessarily have to wait for an occasion, it's a sweet reminder of how you are constantly thinking of the other person.

Boxed Flowers


The heart shaped box is, without any doubt, meant as a gift for lovers. It's a gorgeous idea that you could use to surprise your special one. We offer many types of packages of red roses. The heart shaped box full of red roses isn't just like any common present. It expresses the inner feelings of love through roses. While pairing them with the shape of a heart, the message will be unmistakable. The first association with all these elements is related to romance and passion. It's the most appropriate gift for Valentine's Day or an Anniversary. This splendid heart box will be a gorgeous surprise for your Monthsary delivery.

round box full of flowers reminds of the traditional bouquets. With its elegance, this shape evokes the classical beauty. This charming package comes with different blooming flowers inside. There are the ones with the roses, while others have tulips and carnations.

While roses, as mentioned before, might send a romantic message, it's not necessarily the same with the other flowers. Light red carnations mean admiration. This flower's etymology comes from the Latin by the combinations of the words "dios" and "anthos", which together make its scientific name: "Dianthus". It means "flowers of the gods". While others believe that the words Carnations comes from the latin word "corone" which means "crown. With such a preamble, you can easily imagine the long tradition behind this flower. When in pink, they symbolise the love of a mother. For this reason, the round box with pink carnation can be a lovely gift to send to your mother for any occasion.

Boxed Flowers Manila,Philippines

In our collective imaginary, tulips are colourful and bright. When someone mentions tulips, we instantly think of a never-ending field with stripes of colours in it. Tulips mean enduring love, not only between lovers but also family members. It has several positive meanings, such as abundance and prosperity, mostly tight to the purple color. We are proud to offer this option in a fine square box. Tulips would make the perfect gift for a friend or a family member.

square box is made unique by its modern design. We all love sunflowers, since we were children, the first thing we learn about them it’s that they turn to the direction of the sun. For this reason and for its color, we mostly associate them with the sun, the light and positivity. At this point it's easy to imagine how happy someone will be while receiving a sunflower's box. This stunning box will bring joy and brighten up the day. Sunflowers are the perfect gift for relatives and friends. A sunflower’s intrinsic meaning will tell them how much you want to cheer them up.

Gerberas are also part of our square box collection. This flower's meaning includes everything about happiness. It symbolises the enjoyment of a happy life and gratefulness for the life that we are living. White gerberas generally evoke the innocence of the children's heart. When gerberas are orange, they recall the sunshine of life, while in pink they mean admiration. A yellow gerberas suggests cheerfulness. This is the type of box that absolutely everyone would appreciate.

If you are planning to make your beloved one feel like it's living inside a fairytale, you must consider our preserved roses. The single rose under the glass dome is an impressive surprise. It has something that our mind immediately associates with an aristocratic environment.

And finally the sweetest box of all: roses and chocolate. This exquisite choice is meant to be a joyful and romantic pick. If chocolate is something your beloved one can't resist, this ensemble will reveal that you know well the taste of your companion. This is an original combination that won't go unnoticed. The popular chocolate Ferrero is inside this sophisticated package, it's the kind of gift that don't disappoint.

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